Philip H. Levine and Richard S. Stanzler established the Massachusetts litigation law firm of Stanzler Levine in Boston in 1962. Since its inception, the firm has devoted its practice entirely to personal injury and comprehensive civil litigation cases.

Now located in Wellesley, Massachusetts, Stanzler Levine remains a reputable and well known civil litigation law firm. Focusing primarily in personal injury, the firm handles other civil litigation matters involving business transactions, real estate, employment disputes and probate law. Our attorneys have an established an outstanding reputation for protecting the client’s best interests and achieving favorable results.

It is a source of great pride that we have maintained scores of longstanding client relationships including numerous families that have placed their trust in our firm for generations.

Our proven record of success can be attributed to our in-depth case preparation, commitment and direct personal attention to each case. Because the size of our firm allows us to provide close personalized legal representation, many cases can often be settled before filing law suits through negotiation or alternative dispute resolution (ADR). If a trial is necessary to meet our goals, the ground work is laid to prevail. Committed to presenting your case in the most effective manner possible, we aggressively pursue favorable result in Massachusetts state and federal courts.

Well known in the legal community and recognized for professional excellence and integrity, Stanzler Levine receives frequent recommendations and case referrals from our satisfied clients and other law firms.

Whether you have suffered a personal injury, need guidance for a commercial transaction or your business is facing a high stakes lawsuit, at Stanzler Levine, you will find a team of seasoned attorneys committed to protecting your interests and crafting innovative solutions aimed at achieving favorable results for our clients.

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