Can I collect worker’s compensation?

More information: While driving from a job site back to my office I was rear ended by a truck. I had chest pain from the impact and the seat belt. My chest pains got progressively worse so I went to ER. I was concerned because I had open heart surgery 5 months prior. At the hospital I was told I had a bruised chest and the old surgery stitching had herniated. Is this covered under workers compensation in Massachusetts or is it covered by my personal car insurance or the person who hit me?

Attorney Answer:

In a complicated scenario like the one you describe, there could be several parties and insurers involved in the suit.  For example, in cases where you are on the job but your injury is caused by someone other than a co-worker or your employer, you may be entitled to pursue a third-party claim.  In such an action you may be able to collect damages that you could not normally collect under the Workers Compensation Act, such as damages for pain and suffering.

Your best option is to seek medical help, report the accident to your employer, fill out an accident report, and then talk to an experienced Massachusetts personal injury lawyer.  An experienced attorney will be able to explain your options, outline a plan of action and help you collect what you need to pay your medical bills.