Can I sue for medical malpratice if after an accident I cannot return to my job in construction?

Additional Information:

I had surgery for an injury suffered at a worksite in the Greater Boston area. The medical procedure was picked up by worker’s comp.  I now have permanent numbness in my dominant arm and cannot return to work in construction.  Can I sue for medical malpractice and if so, who do I sue?


Whether or not you can sue for medical malpractice depends entirely on the cause of the numbness in your arm. If the numbness was caused by the negligence of your surgeon or other medical provider during the surgery, then you may have a malpractice action. Your attorney would have to obtain an expert medical opinion to this effect in order to proceed with a suit. Keep in mind however, that if your numbness is not the result of malpractice, then you may still be entitled to benefits from your Workers’ Compensation insurer since you are unable to return to work. 

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