Trip and Fall Injury on Raised Surface

The Plaintiff, A 65-year-old woman was injured when she tripped and fell on a raised concrete surface in the lobby of a rehabilitation hospital while visiting a friend. As a result of falling, she landed on her shoulder, tearing her rotator cuff which led to surgery. The raised surface was light in color and blended with the surrounding floor. Plaintiff brought suit alleging that the raised concrete surface was poorly marked and designed, thereby making it unfit for pedestrian travel. The Defendant hospital argued that the raised concrete surface was open and obvious to its visitors and therefore was not responsible for the plaintiffs fall. Soon after filing suit, the case was mediated, and a significant settlement was obtained after the plaintiff was able to show that the defendant hospital took subsequent measures to alert its visitors of the raised surface and it was done at a minimal cost to the defendant. Details

Pedestrian in Crosswalk Struck by Motor Vehicle

$225,000.00 settlement at mediation on behalf of 53-year-old single women struck while crossing the street in a marked crosswalk in Boston, Massachusetts. Defendant claimed that she did not see the Plaintiff because she was blinded by the sun. Plaintiff suffered emotional trauma, a scar above her eye and fracture to her pelvis which did not require surgery. Plaintiff made a full recovery and the case settled for close to the Defendant’s insurance policy limits. Details

Whistleblower Suit of Government Employee

After making several written and verbal complaints to her supervisors about important safety concerns, the City’s school department terminated a special needs school bus driver. She had complained about the lack of training and staffing on special needs vans, which ultimately led to City personnel and students suffering injuries. The City claimed she was terminated for violating the City’s confidentiality policy. Her complaints were ignored and she was fired. We brought suit under the Massachusetts Whistleblower Statute, Mass. Gen. Law ch.149, § 185. That statute protects government employees who voice concerns about public safety issues. Result: The case was tried to a jury in Superior Court and after a week long trial, the bus driver was awarded back pay and over $35,000.00 attorneys fees. Details

Will Dispute – Probate Litigation

Represented the personal representative, who was the daughter of the decedent in defending against numerous claims and complaints brought by other family member seeking larger portion of the estate. The other family member engaged in various litigation tactics including bringing claims of fraud and embezzlement against the daughter. We litigated these matters in the Bristol County Probate and Family Court and all the claims were settled favorably for our client. Details

Fiduciary Embezzlement – Probate Litigation

A duly appointed personal representative of an estate, who was the decedent’s daughter, failed to account for the bulk of her mother’s estate to her siblings who where entitled heirs. Suit was brought in the Suffolk County Probate and Family Court where we were able to force the personal representative to provide a full accounting. A sizable judgment against the personal representative was obtained for the full amount of the money that was stolen plus attorney’s fees was obtained. Through aggressive collection efforts, we were able to seize a substantial part of the stolen funds for the heirs. Details

Discrimination Disability – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Emergency Medical Technician was terminated after his employer learned that he suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from his military service. We brought a complaint before the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (“MCAD”) for discrimination based upon his disability. The employer claimed that the EMT was fired for violation of their patient handling policies. We were able to show that the employer’s reasons for termination were pre-textual, as the alleged wrongdoing by the EMT occurred more than six weeks prior to the termination, and the EMT was fired two days after the employer learned of the PTSD. Details

Race Discrimination

A cable services salesman was harassed by his supervisor after the supervisor learned that the salesman, who is white, was dating an African American woman.  The salesman was subjected to humiliating emails and racial slurs from his supervisor.  Ultimately the salesman resigned due to the hostile work environment.  We brought a complaint before the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).   The employer alleged that the salesman quit to get new job.   The EEOC supplied a neutral mediator to hear and determine the case. Result: The matter was settled with the salesman obtaining approximately one years pay. Details