Daughter was born with a birth defect. Can a medical malpractice lawyer help us?

Additional Information:

My child was born with agenesis of the corpus collasum. There was an issue regarding the potential of this birth defect during weeks 5-12 of the pregnancy but the OB and specialist stated there was nothing to worry about and advised to continue the pregnancy. None the less my child was born with this disorder.  Can a Boston medical malpractice attorney help us with a case?


Massachusetts does recognize the tort of “wrongful birth,” whereby parents who would otherwise have terminated a pregnancy fail to do so due to improper diagnosis of a severe birth defect.  However, the particular birth defect to which you refer is usually only diagnosed through an MRI of the brain.  It is unlikely that such a test would be considered the standard of care in most situations and thus a suit would likely not be successful.

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