Do I need a slip and fall attorney for a fair settlement?

Additional Information:

I slipped and fell and broke my right (dominant) wrist when visiting my 84-year old mother at her condominium in Boston. My mother had reported a broken sprinkler head 2 days earlier to the condo management — but it had not been repaired and there had been freezing temperatures overnight.  The insurance company has admitted liability (in writing) and indicated that they would be “working with me toward a settlement”.  Also, I have not been able to enjoy a hobby that I have had for over 30 years. I am an avid needlepointer and am very disappointed that I have not been able to resume this activity. I know I have to settle with the insurance company soon.  What is a fair settlement? Do I need a slip and fall attorney?


Assuming the insurance company has accepted liability in writing, the issue is one of damages.  Without reviewing your medical bills and gathering further information about your lost wages, and the full extent and nature of your injury, it is impossible to estimate a fair settlement.   If your injury is permanent in nature and you will never be able to enjoy your hobby again, that will certainly be a substantial factor.  Keep in mind that an insurance company will seek to minimize your damages and typically will allege that any permanent injury is the result of a “pre-existing condition.”   Our experience has been that once we inform the insurance company that the injured party has an attorney, the insurance company will make a much more reasonable offer. 

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