I was involved in an accident. Do I need a trip and fall lawyer?

Additional Information:

I was involved in a trip and fall due to a faulty porch at a home in Brookline. The insurance company and the property owner himself is claiming that he didn’t know about it. I took my deposition last month and presented a letter from the property owner that was written 3 months before the accident saying he will be fixing the porch in the near future.  Is this pretty cut and dry or do I need a trip and fall lawyer?


Based on this information it does appear that the landlord is liable.  However, we would need to know the exact nature of the defect.  Was it obvious or hidden?  Would the proposed porch fix have prevented the accident?  In any event, it appears that the insurance company and the landlord are fighting this claim and thus it is advisable to obtain legal counsel.  One of the main issues will probably be the nature and extent of  your physical damages.  A lawyer can help you organize the evidence and maximize your recovery.  For instance, you are entitled to lost wages, direct medical costs as well as pain and suffering.  To the extent any of your injuries are permanent, you would need to consider additional damages and potential decrease in your earning potential.  Keep in mind, at every turn, the insurance company, who will have its own lawyer, will be seeking to minimize any payout to you. 

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