Boston Product Liability Attorneys

A defective product can cause severe injuries and illnesses. From work equipment malfunctions to flawed designs and defective consumer products such as lawn mowers, snow blowers, powers saws and power equipment. At Stanzler Levine, our products liability attorneys have effectively handled many different types of cases.

Companies that manufacture, market, install, and distribute products have a responsibility to the people who will use them. We have a track record of standing up for Massachusetts consumers when design defects, defective toys, and negligent products have caused harm.

Several breakdowns can cause defective products to be made available to the market:

  • Improperly inspecting or neglecting to inspect a product
  • Poor product testing
  • Failing to properly install a product
  • Manufacturing or distributing an unsafe product
  • Failing to warn of known hazard associated with a product

Workers Compensation and Products Liability

When work sites and equipment are not properly inspected or maintained, or when work equipment contains defective products, injuries can and do occur. Beyond workers compensation, our attorneys assist clients to evaluate and pursue a claim when a defective product is to blame.

Auto Parts and Consumer Products

Terrible motor vehicle accidents can result from defective auto parts and consumer products. Our attorneys can help you in cases ranging from defective snow blowers, lawnmowers, and power tools to the improper deployment of airbags in your car.

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Free Consultation: If you or a member of your family have been injured by a defective product and would like to speak to an attorney to learn your options, we welcome you to contact Stanzler Levine. Our attorneys always have our client’s best interest in mind and there is no fee or obligation for a consultation with one of our attorneys to evaluate your injury case.