What exactly is PIP and can it help me pay my medical bills?

More information: I was riding in my sister’s car and we were in an accident in Andover. I’m sure the other party ran a red light but nobody has told me yet who was at fault. All I know is that I have back and neck pain and have some significant medical bills.

Attorney Answer:

Under Massachusetts law, the auto insurance company that issued the PIP (personal injury protection) insurance on the car you were in at the time of the accident will pay the first $2000.00 of your “reasonable and necessary medical bills”, regardless of who was at fault.  In other situations where the injured party was not in a car, like when a pedestrian or a cyclist is hit and injured, the insurance company that insures the vehicle that struck the pedestrian or cyclist will pay $2000.00 of the reasonable and necessary medical bills incurred by the injured party.

From that point, any medical bills beyond $2000.00 must be submitted to your private health insurance company for payment.  When the health insurance coverage is drained, or if the injured party does not have health insurance coverage, then the PIP insurer remains on the hook for up $8000.00 per individual claimant.